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Welcome to the page that I have dedicated to the Law Enforcement Community. Who without there help on the streets, most of us Medics (except the rare few), would have a much tougher time dealing with the uncooperative types that don't realize we are there to help. Not to mention the traffic that we would be forced to fend off, while trying to load a stretcher into our ambulance's. It's these brave few that we owe our safety too, and who know that we are there to help them when they are in need.

Again, I have provided two drop down menu's for you to choose which style of links you would like to view. There is a menu for my local area of upstate NY, and a menu for National departments. Please enjoy the links and again, E-MAIL me if there are more links you would like to see here.

Use this menu for my local NY links. Use this menu for links outside my local area.


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